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Prix le plus bas: $9.99 — Date de sortie: 19 juin 2014
Experience the fist-pumping joy of push-pull puzzle solving in the latest entry of the critically acclaimed Pushmo™ series! Block-based puzzles, charming characters, and a built-in community make the Pushmo World game endless fun for puzzle solvers of all ages. When a kindly old inventor creates a wondrous park filled with puzzling playgrounds called Pushmo, a little trickster traps Mallo’s friends inside! Now it's up to our hero, Mallo, to push, pull, and climb his way through 250 mind-bending Pushmo playgrounds to save his friends. But the fun doesn’t stop there! World Pushmo Fair, a robust built-in community feature, makes it easier than ever to create, share, and play a near-limitless amount of custom puzzles created by players around the world! Guide Mallo through his first brain-teasing adventure on the Wii U™ console Take on 250 fun puzzles, including colorful mural stages Visit Pushmo World Fair to play and rate custom Pushmo puzzles from around the world* Create custom puzzles in Pushmo Studio with a robust selection of tools Share your puzzles seamlessly via the World Pushmo Fair feature or QR Code® patterns* Earn Stamps for your Miiverse™ posts* Puzzles shaped like real-world objects, animals, and Nintendo characters will impress your eyes and challenge your brain Unlock special Mysterious Pushmo with new twists on gameplay, such as yin-yang blocks and timed blocks Supports Off-TV Play using the Wii U™ GamePad controller * Wireless broadband Internet access required for online play. For more info, go to support.nintendo.com.
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